Wednesday, November 5, 2014


 We had a lot of fun this Halloween season.
Elementary School party: We were excited that the kids could finally dress up at their school (though the event was pretty crowded and Drew and I hope to avoid it next year).  Liz participated in the 6th grade wax museum (survivors or victims of the zombie apocalypse) and won second place in her time slot.

We carved a pumpkin with the kids, and by we, I mean Drew.  He picked a pretty intricate pattern and I think regretted it pretty soon after starting.  It became a two day project.  The girls helped on day one.  On day two Drew was able to knock it out on his own.
Emma's scrape came from a few days earlier.  She tumbled out the front door as we headed to our street's annual Blocktober celebration.Chili Cook Off & Trunk-or-Treat: Our first year in family costume!  I've been wanting to do this for awhile so I was super excited when Drew suggested it last year.  We went as Zombie Wizard of Oz.  Drew went from refusing to dress up at all one year to ordering expensive specialty contacts for his concert this year.
Cowardly Lion & Tin Man:
The Wicked Witch of the West and her friend:
Dorothy & Glinda (who asked to be a "pretty zombie" with no wounds and lots of glitter):
Scarecrow & Cowardly Lion:
Costume parade:
Post trunk-or-treating candy gorging:
Activity Girls haunted house:
Preschool party & costume parade:
Halloween night: block party, then trick or treating.
Bumble bee, leopard, devil, & pirate:
After about half an hour of trick or treating Lainey announced, "One more house and I'm done!"  Then, by way of explaination, she said, "Bees can't carry that much necter and candy is like my necter."  So I took the three youngest home while Liz and Drew continued on to more houses/candy.
At home I gave Lainey a pair of scissors so she and Ellie could open up the candy while I put Emmaline to bed.  As I left, Lainey said she wouldn't let Ellie have the scissors because of "what happened last time" (Elle cut her hair).  And from the other room, I heard Ellie say a matter-a-factly, "Yes, every time I have scissors I will cut my hair."  Argh.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

School Pix (by Danelle Empey)

Gabrielle, preschool

 Alaina, kindergarten
 Elizabeth, sixth grade

 Emmaline, pre-preschool

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

School Starts

First Day of School for Liz and Lainey:
We switched schools from Rosehill, and the partial Spanish immersion program, to our base school, Hayfield.  So far all the staff I have met seem real nice and the school looks great, still I was pretty nervous on the first day.  I put the girls on the bus, then spent the rest of the day watching the clock, just worrying waiting for them to come home.
Lainey was worried about the kids swearing on the bus (an older kid from another school told Alaina that this happens on her bus).  When I met Laines at the end of the day, she came bouncing off the bus and happily told me that she had a nice day and that  there was "no cussing" on the bus.  Of course, I'm pretty sure that Lainey has no idea which words are swear words but hooray!  Good first day.
Lainey was also worried about the fire alarms and continues to be worried.  She has spent days crying over this (the fear started in preschool).  Alaina feels that the alarm sound is too loud, that her classroom is "too far from the exit," and she is worried that the alarm might not be an alarm afterall, but an indicator of an actual fire.  The fact that the fire drills are unannounced isn't helping, still Alaina is crying and complaining about the alarms less every day.
Liz was worried about making new friends.  I was worried too.  I felt like I was sending her off to the wolves.  It was the exact same feeling I had in kindergarten.  At the end of the first day Liz reported that the kids were all nice and welcoming.  Now that a couple weeks have passed, she has made some friends.  Phew. 
The night before the start of school, Liz also worried that she wouldn't be able to remember where Lainey's classroom was located.  I kept telling her that she didn't have walk Laines to class, but she was still concerned (and I thought that was pretty sweet).  Another sweet moment was when Liz held Lainey's hand and guided her to the bus.  Ahhh, those are great parent moments.
Speaking of the bus, I am absolutely LOVING the bus.  What a change.  I have driven Liz to and from school for six years (eight if you count preschool) and during that time I often also drove Drew to and/or from work or the metro (especially for the past nine months when we only had one vehicle).  I feel like I have so much time now.  Also, I love that the older girls leave almost a whole hour before I need to leave to get Ellie to preschool.  It's so great for my time management.  Another plus is that the girls leave early enough that Drew is still home to help get them ready (he seems to enjoy this as well).
Within days of school starting Liz requested her own house key, "just in case," and suggested that it would be pretty cool if I wasn't home one day when she and Lainey got off the bus.  I gave her one on a key chain and she said, nope, I want to wear it on a chain around my neck.  Okay.  So, I complied with her request and, the next day after school, I went in the backdoor while Liz and Laines went around to the front, locked door.  When I went upstairs, to make sure they had gotten in alright, I heard Liz calling my name.  Turns out she had unlocked the front door without first removing the key necklace from her neck and was stuck.  Hehehe.